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A Quick and Easy Way to View Private Profiles on MySpace

Update 09.03.13
Traffic has picked up on my website these last few months and I needed a way to help pay for my hosting cost. I've made it so you have to do one simple thing before you can click "Submit." Don't worry, it's really simple and takes 5 seconds to do. This will allow me to keep the site going for you. The site is still free. You don't have to pay for anything.
Update 09.06.13
A few people have been having problems getting things to work since I have put the offer on this page. It is important that you complete the offer. Just clicking on them will not be enough to make it work. If you have completed both the offers and are still having trouble, email me at bkravenson[at] and I'll help.
Update 09.19.13
Please keep this site secret. I'm afraid if too many people know about this site, MySpace will close the loophole and we can no longer view private MySpace profiles anymore.


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